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Matt’s Karate Corner is a blog ran by Matt Sheridan. His friend Noah, of Noah Legel’s Karate Obsession, suggested to start a website to hold Matt’s write ups and background, so here it is. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Karate-Obi Preview

For some odd reason I’m the guy many people thinks is obsessed with belts, due to my research on the history of the belt system. However, I haven’t actually owned very many belts, nor have I owned many belts from varying companies. All my original colored belts, and my original black belt, were made byContinue reading “Karate-Obi Preview”

Please Don’t Read This!

Notes on Matsubayashi Ryu Kata, written in 2021 I’m serious! Don’t read this! If you are easily offended, just don’t do it! If you follow dogmatic practices, turn back now! If you prefer a comforting lie rather than the truth, this post just isn’t for you! Have you left yet? No? Dagnabit! I guess you’reContinue reading “Please Don’t Read This!”

Gatekeeping in Martial Arts

Originally written in 2016 when I was the admin on the Ryukyu Martial Arts (Research and Discussion) group page as well as the Okinawan, Japanese, and Korean Karate (History, Research, and Discussion) group page on FaceBook. gate·keep·ing/ˈɡātˌkēpiNG/noun 1. the activity of controlling, and usually limiting, general access to something. gate·keep·er/ˈɡātˌkēpər/noun an attendant at a gateContinue reading “Gatekeeping in Martial Arts”