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Matt’s Karate Corner is a blog ran by Matt Sheridan. His friend Noah, of Noah Legel’s Karate Obsession, suggested to start a website to hold Matt’s write ups and background, so here it is. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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10th Dan Soke… okay?

Originally typed in 2017 by Matt Sheridan The very first 10th dan awarded in any martial art was to Yoshitugu Yamashita by the Kodokan in 1935. Since then the Kodokan has only ever recognized 14 other individuals as 10th dan. Of these only 3 are still living. Karate did not adopt the practice of awardingContinue reading “10th Dan Soke… okay?”

Japanese Days of the Week

Originally written around 2016 by Matt Sheridan Do you know the days of the week in Japanese? Just like our days of the week are named after old Norse and Greek gods along with the Sun and the Moon. Japanese days of the week also share a common theme. Sunday in English is named afterContinue reading “Japanese Days of the Week”