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Matt’s Karate Corner is a blog ran by Matt Sheridan. His friend Noah, of Noah Legel’s Karate Obsession, suggested to start a website to hold Matt’s write ups and background, so here it is. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Judo Techniques: Names or Not?

When it comes to the “names” of most Judo Waza (技), there is one fact that is extremely important to memorize, most Judo Waza DON’T HAVE NAMES! Radical idea to some, but for those who know what these “names” translate to it becomes extremely evident that most are just generally agreed upon descriptions of theContinue reading “Judo Techniques: Names or Not?”

Ukekata of Matsubayashi Ryu: Part 2, Seiken-Ude-Uke

I’ll be quite honest that tackling the Ukekata has been an intimidating task, due to the quantity of individual techniques within this category. As such we are going to approach translating these in a slightly different manner. Instead of going through every term individually we will break down the compounds used to form the descriptionsContinue reading “Ukekata of Matsubayashi Ryu: Part 2, Seiken-Ude-Uke”