My Introduction to Martial Arts: Matt the Ninja Turtle?

This is a basic rundown of my thought process behind joining martial arts.

Like most young children, born in the late ‘80s. I grew up wanting to be a Ninja Turtle. The dream was to fight The Foot Clan (the evils of the world). At the age of six my parents took my two siblings and myself to the local strip mall in Alamogordo, New Mexico. At one end was a gymnastics studio. At the other end was a Taekwondo school. We watched a class of each, and then my parents asked which we would like to do.

So 6 year old Matt had to ask himself, “Which would help me out on my way to Ninja Turtle greatness?”

  • Cleary Ninja Turtles are athletic and utilize acrobatics, in their pursuit of The Foot! Gymnastics would help with this.
  • However, once in a confrontation a Ninja Turtle must be able to conquer the battle field! Taekwondo would help with this.

Conflicted, and limited to only choosing one, I had to look outside the box.

What other factors were there to consider?

  • Gymnasts wore tight fitting leotards…
  • Taekwondo-in wore loose fitting jackets, pants, and that signature belt…

Belts that resembled the Ninja Turtles’ belts! My decision was made. At the tender age of six, I would begin my training in the martial arts!

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A martial arts student and instructor. A school teacher and researcher. A curmudgeon with a lot on his mind.

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