Bagua and Palgwe

From Matt Sheridan

Chinese: Wuji
Japanese: Mukyoku
Korean: Mugeuk

The void. The great potential.

Chinese: Yin Yang
Japanese: In Yo
Korean: Eum Yang

Opposing forces. Darkness vs Light. Passive vs Aggressive. Female vs Male.

Chinese: Taiji/ Tai Chi
Japanese: Taikyoku
Korean: Taegeuk

Balance between the two opposing forces. The formation and maintenance of the universe.

Chinese: Pa Kua/ Bagua
Okinawan: Ba-gu
Japanese: Hakke
Korean: Palgwe

The Eight Trigrams are comprised of a grouping of the opposing forces of yin and yang.

☰ 1 乾 — Heaven 天
☱ 2 兌 — Lake 澤
☲ 3 離 — Fire 火
☳ 4 震 — Thunder 雷
☴ 5 巽 — Wind 風
☵ 6 坎 — Water 水
☶ 7 艮 — Mountain 山
☷ 8 坤 — Earth 地

Even here we have opposing concepts:
Heaven vs Earth (1 & 8.)
Lake vs Mountain (2 & 7)
Fire vs Water (3 & 6)
Thunder vs Wind (4 & 5)

The Palgwe can also represent the directions of a cosmic compass. The four cardinal directions plus the four ordinal directions.

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