Why most Karate Manuals Suck…

As someone with a degree in education and additional certifications in teaching on top of it, I have to say, most karate manuals suck. I have had the pleasure of owning a wide variety of manuals over the years and have reviewed hundreds that I’ve simply chosen where not worth purchasing. On my personal FBContinue reading “Why most Karate Manuals Suck…”

Kata of Funakoshi Gichin & Early Shotokan

I originally published this list back in 2013… Which kata were actually taught by Funakoshi or in the Shotokan dojo? Lets check our handy dandy BOOKS THAT FUNAKOSHI WROTE!!! Karate Jutsu (~1925): 15 Kata-Pinan 1-5-Naihanchi 1-3-Koshokun-Passai-Seishan-Wanshu-Jutte-Chinto-Jion(Kata mentioned but not taught: Goju shi ho, Chinte, Jiin, Wandan, Rohai, Jiyunmu, Wandoo, Sochin, Niseishi, Sansei Ryu, Supaunpei, Wankwan,Continue reading “Kata of Funakoshi Gichin & Early Shotokan”