Why most Karate Manuals Suck…

As someone with a degree in education and additional certifications in teaching on top of it, I have to say, most karate manuals suck. I have had the pleasure of owning a wide variety of manuals over the years and have reviewed hundreds that I’ve simply chosen where not worth purchasing. On my personal FBContinue reading “Why most Karate Manuals Suck…”

Gatekeeping in Martial Arts

Originally written in 2016 when I was the admin on the Ryukyu Martial Arts (Research and Discussion) group page as well as the Okinawan, Japanese, and Korean Karate (History, Research, and Discussion) group page on FaceBook. gate·keep·ing/ˈɡātˌkēpiNG/noun 1. the activity of controlling, and usually limiting, general access to something. gate·keep·er/ˈɡātˌkēpər/noun an attendant at a gateContinue reading “Gatekeeping in Martial Arts”

My Introduction to Martial Arts: Matt the Ninja Turtle?

This is a basic rundown of my thought process behind joining martial arts. Like most young children, born in the late ‘80s. I grew up wanting to be a Ninja Turtle. The dream was to fight The Foot Clan (the evils of the world). At the age of six my parents took my two siblingsContinue reading “My Introduction to Martial Arts: Matt the Ninja Turtle?”