Kata of Funakoshi Gichin & Early Shotokan

I originally published this list back in 2013… Which kata were actually taught by Funakoshi or in the Shotokan dojo? Lets check our handy dandy BOOKS THAT FUNAKOSHI WROTE!!! Karate Jutsu (~1925): 15 Kata-Pinan 1-5-Naihanchi 1-3-Koshokun-Passai-Seishan-Wanshu-Jutte-Chinto-Jion(Kata mentioned but not taught: Goju shi ho, Chinte, Jiin, Wandan, Rohai, Jiyunmu, Wandoo, Sochin, Niseishi, Sansei Ryu, Supaunpei, Wankwan,Continue reading “Kata of Funakoshi Gichin & Early Shotokan”

Judo Techniques: Names or Not?

When it comes to the “names” of most Judo Waza (技), there is one fact that is extremely important to memorize, most Judo Waza DON’T HAVE NAMES! Radical idea to some, but for those who know what these “names” translate to it becomes extremely evident that most are just generally agreed upon descriptions of theContinue reading “Judo Techniques: Names or Not?”

History of the Belt System

Originally published in Totally Taekwondo Magazine in the April 2015 edition. However this is a living document that continues to be edited as new information is learned. As all research projects should. In 1883 Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo (柔道), began what would develop into not only the belt system but also the kyuContinue reading “History of the Belt System”